Fully Customized E450 Limousine Party Bus

Passenger Limo Coach Transit Party Bus…Very Nice & Cheap

20 Passenger E450 Limo Bus

Here’s my coach that I will be putting up for sale. It’s a 1999 E450 7.3 Turbo Diesel Ford. Built by US coach works, it’s a 20 passenger limo coach. They did an excellent job on the coach. TLC Sales did some amazing improvements on the coach when we got it. We tore out the ceiling and put the front to back RGB disco ceiling. You can have this ceiling slow color change, or strobe fast in different colors. We even gave the driver a control switch to turn the ceiling to white, incase of drivers glare, but non of our drivers use this button. We also updated the system to a high end DVD player with 3″ screen. That goes into a large screen TV that plays videos, so customers can play our music DVD that we supply them. If they choose to play their own music off their MP3 player we installed another input using the VCP player. So when the customer plays their music, we can play our videos so they have something to watch. Some inventory we use is fireplace, lava-lamp, aquarium, and shadow dancers.

The drivers mirror is a back up camera that we leave on all the time. You can use it as a full size image, or have a smaller image in the corner. The stereo system is a great sounding system with large sub woofers to keep the party going. We also included a variable switch for the driver, so incase there’s too much bass, the driver has control over it without leaving the seat. Other custom features is a lighted graffiti equalizer on the rear mirror, that goes with the beat of the music. Top this off with disco strobes and lasers, and there’s your party. Of course your customers have complete control over the lighting, so they can go corporate mild to party wild.

Coach has Ice Cold A/C units, and a great heater. Has a sink to pour out beverages, and huge coolers, and huge trash can. There are extra coolers built under the seat, along with under seat storage for the driver, and there are tables under the seats that we never used. We added custom 4 foot opera lights on the outside of this coach on both sides, so you know this is something special when it arrives. There are two more on the coach, then what shows on the photos. The coach has huge back section for storage. With 233k this perfect driving coach is ready to work in your fleet.

Condition: There will be no surprises on this coach. I have photographed every issue on this coach. For a 14 year old coach selling for 1/7 of its new value, its a great deal.

Mechanical: No issues. Very strong driver. Tires are great and has no issues going though our tough MNDOT inspection.

  • The body paint is very clean with a great shine
  • Stereo system with large sub woofers
  • Ice Cold A/C units, and a great heater
  • Sink to pour out beverages, and huge coolers
  • Under seat storage for the driver

$21,500 20 Passenger Limo Coach

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