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2014 MKT Lincoln Town Car SUV Limo Interior with Black Leather Seats


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2014 MKT Lincoln Town Car SUV Limo

120 Stretch AWD Limousine Coach by ECB

  • Interior Color: Black Leather
  • Mileage: 83,600
  • LED ceiling with cutout circles
  • Huge flat screen TV’s

  • Strong A/C System

Here’’s a beautiful 120 Executive Coach Builder Limousine. 

Interior:  This limo is loaded with a huge flat-screen TV’s that is in the bar, with surround sound DVD. The AC system has strong blowers that blow ice cold AC to your customers and a great heating system too. Fiber-optics frame out the edges of the bar, with a custom, LED ceiling with cut out circles that give an excellent light show.

Body: The body is very nice and looks terrific. There is no rust showing, and the paint looks excellent. The underbelly looks clean, and the roof looks good with no vinyl issues. 

Mechanics: The mechanics are excellent, and there are no driving or mechanical issues at all. Miles are VERY LOW at 83,600k. This is a very clean low mile limo.




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2008 Cadillac Escalade SUV Limo

200″” 20-pass Stretch Limo Coach Shuttle Bus

  • Interior Color: Two-toned
  • Mileage: 67,400
  • Duel alternators, duel batteries and duel compressors
  • DVD surround system and DVD player with 5 LCD TV’s 
  • Custom Lighting
  • Strong A/C System

Here’’s a beautiful 2008 Cadillac Escalade Limo 200” Stretch 20-passenger SUV Limousine.  The limo has very low miles at 67,400, on the 6.2L gas engine.  It loaded with duel alternators, duel batteries and duel compressors.  The A/C system blows massive amounts of AC and heat air. Limo is loaded with a gorgeous two-toned interior that shows excellent.  Had lots of LED lights, and fiber optics.  DVD surround system with DVD player with 5 LCD TV’s.  Two large screens in the bar and the divider and three small flat screens in the pillar posts.  The paint is a beautiful black with purple sparkle flakes in it. There was some paint issues on the body panel and we had them repainted. They did a nice job but has a little more purple in the center panels.  The long stretch windows were showing wrinkles in the inside tint.  We make covers on the windows to eliminate the wrinkle look.  It has custom rims with newer tires.  Limo shows and drives excellent.



Was $17,995
Now $12,995

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2001 SUV Excursion Limo

30 Passenger Ford Excursion XLT 250

  • Interior Color: Beige
  • Mileage: 175k
  • Custom Sound System
  • Large TV & Custom Lighting
  • Strong A/C System
Limo SUV Coach Bus very nice EXCELLENT AC system:
We have our AMAZING 30 Passenger (DOT rated) 2001 Ford Excursion XLT 250” Conversion built by Ultra. We purchased this limo in 2005 and it has been through many updates and conversions. Miles are at 175k. This is the last of our SUVs as we are all buses now.

In 2014 we spent $12,000 (receipt on file) redoing the AC system. As you all may know these longer SUV have a hard time keeping up the AC system. We took care of this by adding a second compressor, two evaporators, and two under belly bus condensers. Plus the original system has two high powered condensers. There’s an additional blower system above the divider to push extra AC/heat to the back. Even on 100 degree days, the customers will turn the vents so they don’t blow on them because of this massive cold blowing system. The customer from the back controls can adjust this system. You will never find a SUV that blows harder and colder then this Excursion. The vehicle will also keep all customers warm in subzero temperatures.

The full vehicle was repainted in the fall, we installed a brand new white vinyl roof on the limo two years ago and it has been garaged stored since we purchased this vehicle. At the time the roof was put in all new opera lights were installed to give the limo a newer look. We also added a custom front end grill and new halo light headlights. We also have a heavy duty front guard that hold two very bright fog lights. The lower trim on the limo is diamond aluminum. The rear tail lights have been updated to improve the looks. The emergency escape sunroof was replaced with a larger one. Also the rear tail gate glass can be opened from the inside of the car for an additional emergency exit. We also have running board blinkers installed for safety, and a full time rear view camera. 

Tires and batteries are newer. In 2016 we had the heads taken off and preformed a valve job, all gaskets and exhaust studs were replaced and heads were surfaced. The driveshafts have all been balanced and there is no vibrations in the drive line. Breaks are newer. There is no mechanical issues with this vehicle, and it has plenty of power when it’s loaded with customers. We had the suspension raised a bit to help on driveway clearances. To keep up with the electrical power, we have two high output DC Power Engineering 240 amp alternators, and two batteries in the engine section and two tracker size batteries under the vehicle. This limo can idle for an hour and not move with all accessories on and still charge at 13V. 

The limo is loaded with multiple chase 5050 lighting, new fiber optics, lasers, strobes, lots of accent lighting. It’s an OMG moment for your customers as they enter the vehicle. The interior shows very nice, the rear seat by the door was showing some wear so that was just recovered. The single back seat by the passenger rear door has been taken out to make it easier for the customers entering and exiting the vehicle 

The radio has been updated to a DVD with Bluetooth. It has an amplified stereo system with powerful subwoofers. There is a huge 42” TV in front of the vehicle and a 15” screen in the back. The system and TV’s turn on automatically and you never need the remote. The VIP rear section has a speaker cut out switch so they can control the volume in that section. We added a second DVD player to the drivers section hooked up to the rear TV’s. If the customer plays their phone with the Bluetooth, we can play DVD scenery for them so they don’t have to watch a blue screen. We have fireplace, aquarium and male/female dancers. The driver can flip screens on the backup camera to ensure that the customers TV is not stuck in a DVD menu. The backup camera is on full time for driver’s safety. Also has the Wedding March air horns.


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We’ll make upgrades for:

  • Surround Sound
  • Fiber Optic and Laser Lighting
  • Laser Lighting
  • TV screens
  • Flooring
  • Custom Ceiling Designs


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